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InTouch Health provides health systems with a chance to grow their market share, address competition, increase patient retention, and improve physician satisfaction, all on our secure, reliable and scalable telehealth network.

  • 100% Specialist Productivity Up
  • 6xTreatment Speed Up
  • 100% Consult Efficiency Up
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Address Competition, Increase Revenue

As healthcare transitions from the traditional fee-for-service and brick-and-mortar models, to the value-based care and virtual clinics models, many hospital and health system leadership are faced with the challenge to bring in more revenue and compete with other local providers. To answer this challenge, The C-Suite is looking for smart and innovative ways to drive market growth with limited and scarce resources.

Telehealth addresses these problems and provides the opportunity for healthcare leadership to drive growth in a competitive market place. InTouch Health's telehealth network and services can expand access and delivery of high-quality clinical care to any patient, at any time, while reducing overall costs.

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Improve Quality and Reduce Cost

One way to improve the quality of care is by getting the right patients in front of the right provider. With telemedicine, you can expand your health system’s reach to a multitude of care settings to intersect with patients where they are, without burdening them with travel times and costs. Furthermore, across all these disparate locations, telehealth allows health systems to standardize workflows and drive best practices across the continuum of care. And finally, telehealth can enable data driven outcomes to track success and see improvement across a multitude of channels.

By reducing the reliance on brick and mortar strategies and leveraging virtual physician resources, health systems can improve healthcare delivery efficiency, thus reducing costs. Lower costs is not just a perk for the health system, however, as patients too will take advantage of the reduced travel distance and costs that eat up much of their time and budgets. Also, by increasing patient access to specialists, you are providing the right care the first time, further decreasing the patient burden of seeing numerous providers, spread out across the region.

Using InTouch Health ensures the right specialist can be accessed in ambulatory settings, skilled nursing facilities, and even the patient’s home, guaranteeing patients get appropriate care in the appropriate setting. 

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Increase Catchment

As hospitals struggle to contend for patients, expanding your catchment area is key to staying competitive. Whether it’s opening a new clinic, reaching further into your region, or creating online patient portals, telemedicine helps patients find and engage with health systems previously unavailable to them. Concurrent to expanding your reach, telehealth helps keep patients in your system, even if they move, because telehealth removes time and distance barriers. This means telehealth works two-fold by simultaneously increasing your patient reach, and reducing your network leakage.

InTouch Health works with your organization to expand services out to the community in order to gain new patients, and keep existing patients within your system. This ensures health systems can follow the patients across the care continuum along every step of their patient journey.    

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How InTouch Health Solves These Challenges & Addresses Your Business Goals

Hospital and health system leadership need a telehealth solution that aligns with their strategy and future growth plans. InTouch Health is your partner in ensuring telehealth success both internally for your organization and externally for patients.

EHR Integration

It is imperative that a telehealth solution can integrate with the organization’s EHR and provide a financial ROI that shows increased revenue or decreased costs. Additionally, investments in EHR and other infrastructure solutions have become the cornerstone from which future investments will be made. Therefore integration with these systems is paramount to ensure appropriate value can be extracted from each, while creating a workflow for disparate tools and technologies to interconnect seamlessly.

One Platform Across The Entire Care Continuum

Hospitals and health systems have made a strategic shift toward incorporating telemedicine across their entire organizations. Our global network provides connectivity for your physicians to access their patients, anywhere, anytime, and allows our support team to ensure your systems are ready to use when patient care is required. Similarly, our medical devices and modules allow for enterprise telemedicine solutions to integrate with current care processes and not disrupt patient care, while providing access to patient health data, imaging and more.

Physician Adoption And Satisfaction

Perhaps the most important consideration to take into account when deciding on a telehealth platform is whether those who will use it the most – patients and providers – will get value from the system. If physicians find the platform unreliable, not user friendly, or too cumbersome, they will likely not use it. Our solution promises physician adoption and ease of use, both for the patient and provider to ensure adoption, and ROI, are achieved.

Not Just A Telehealth Vendor, But A Telehealth Partner

InTouch Health is committed to the successful development and growth of our customer Telehealth Programs. Our cumulative experience across many health system implementations has afforded us significant insight into the best practices and critical success factors of successful operators.

We are with you every step of the process with our six-phase program implementation that will take you from program development, workflow design and training, to go-live and ongoing monitoring. We offer professional planning and implementation services and have developed a proven methodology to have your program up and running in 30 days or less. Guaranteed!

Looking Ahead

When choosing a telehealth partner, hospital and health system leadership want to know that their vendor can drive positive, long-term, and sustainable programs. InTouch Health is continuing to develop our roadmap and build solutions that will meet the future needs of the organization and align with the strategic vision of the organization.

Our annual Telehealth Innovation Forum is the destination for current and future telehealth technology that features Visionaries from around the world will share best practices for telehealth coverage, clinical and business workflow models, and achieved outcomes.

Frequently Asked Strategic Questions

How do we get more physicians to help supplement or augment our coverage?

Telehealth has grown rapidly in recent years and many telehealth vendors now employ groups of physicians that provide Physician Capacity Management. These physicians can augment and supplement your current call panels for many service lines like neurology, critical care, and behavioral health, among many others.

The InTouch Health Value
InTouch Health’s Physician Capacity Management solution offers virtual physician coverage to supplement and augment your telehealth program needs.

Can we bill for / get reimbursed for telehealth?

Billing and reimbursement for telehealth is definitely behind the times, but is getting better every day. Private insurance companies in most states have created parity laws that allow for equal reimbursement whether in-person or remotely. CMS allows for billing of telehealth for certain CPT codes. Get in touch with your telehealth vendor to understand more around billing and reimbursement and check out the American Telemedicine Association Policy Page.

The InTouch Health Value
InTouch Health has experience in helping customers understand how they can bill and get reimbursed for their telehealth programs. We can put you in touch with colleagues who have gone before you and provide assistance from our in-house team.

Can we scale telehealth to other facilities outside our hospital (e.g., clinics)?

Telehealth devices and technology are definitely not one-size fits all. Looking for a vendor that has options purpose-built for the care environment is critical. Providing care in a busy emergency department has different requirements than providing care in a rural health clinic. Work with your vendor to find recommended solutions for your varying care environments.

The InTouch Health Value
InTouch Health offers a broad range of solutions that are purposed built for healthcare and can be leveraged across the entire continuum of care, from community-based, to high acuity, and post-acute care environments.

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